Trump, ISIL, and its Escalating Brutality

As we are living under siege in a city where one of the most violent wars is taking place in modern history, the war the Iraqi military and the people of Mosul are fighting against the caliphate state, we watched the US elections very closely. I was anticipating Trump’s winning; it was very obvious. Clinton’s chances to win the presidency against Trump were very slim despite all speculations of her winning, as the current circumstances, nationally and globally, seemed to be fit for Trump. This election is clear proof that the American people are directly affected by Obama’s foreign policy, and I believe that this election urges the American intellect to think clearly and revisit “Brixit” and Trump phenomena, and closely review how the events unfold during the Obama era.

But many Mosulis are asking: how is Clinton’s or Trump’s winning going to affect Mosul’s liberation? And how will the election’s results accelerate liberation ops?

I was asked by many people of my city in this regard whether Trump’s winning will vanquish ISIL in Iraq and Syria. I answered “The American policy is not this simple to apply, it is more complex than it is imagined. Liberation operations might take longer depending on the way ISIL is fighting, in addition to many unsolved issues in the Middle East. Mosul Question (and I am referring to the ‘Mosul Question’ term used after the first worwar) has become an international idsue, not a local matter, and its resolution does not rely on regional powers”.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you your interest in the US elections, which had a similar level of interest to that of the Americans their selves, regardless of many issues that require our full focus, now and after liberation.

The battle for Mosul started over a month ago, the city still, half quite and half under fire. During the past few days, ISIL, for the first time, executed 50 young men after charges of spying. I am very certain  those men were not spied and have no connection to any intel activity. Many of them were detained for false charges. Some were former police officers who already declared their repentance to ISIL, then ISIL, as usual, transgressed. Some were hung on power poles, some were crucified. All took place at the Western bank of Mosul. Some were thrown in the irrigation ditches and others were cut into pieces, and others were hung at Mosul’s enterance on what is known as “Sham Gate” (Bauwabat Al-Sham); it is Mosul’s North Western gate.  

Children, men and women saw those corpses been displayed like this, and none was able to say a word. And what is surprising, one of ISIL fighters was reading Koran next to a hung corps as he is leaning to the power pole. He was reading Koran in full reverence, and keeps on taking a look at the head of the crucified corps!

One of the crucified on a power pole was still alive, covered with blood, no one dared to help him, and no one noticed he was alive. A child pointed at him and told his father “daddy, this man’s eyes are moving!” And everyone was shocked, did not know how to react, if they approach to save him they will end up being hung like him, and if they stay silent they’ll feel bad about him. The man was hanging there for more than 24 hours, but he didn’t die. After a few minutes, 4 fighters passed by him. One of them took a look at the hanging man and heard him painfully moaning and noticed his eyes were moving, then realized that the man was still alive, then said: “this filthy soul God has rejected it and his messenger rejected it, and they refused to take it back!” .. He pulls his gun and shoots the hanging man in the head and ends his life.

This is one of the most morally controversial and dilemmas a human being could ever confront.

The next day, all corpses have disappeared from the streets. We do not know where they were taken, but their images are still present on those poles, unable to unsee those scenes, and no matter what I do to forget them, just closing my eyes recreates the whole scene once more, for a thousand times.

And what is even more horrifying, is that you can hear the voices of the crucified men as they talk! Yes they are dead, yet, they ate talking! They tell their stories, what they were doing when they were alive? Who they saw last? What was their last meal? Who did they talked to last? What they had in mind for their lunch? What they had in mind for dinner? What they would like to do first thing after liberation? Their dreams? .. Thousands of questions could be heard coming off of their silent mouths and open eyes.

At Bab Al-tub, ISIL brought a child, no older than 10-12 years old, claimed to have stolen. They recited the fifth chapter of Koran, and when they reached to verse 38 which it reads: ([As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent [punishment] from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.), All they said “this is the punishment of thieves, they never said what did he steal, why did he steal, and how did he steal, all they did is one of them held the child’s arm, and the second was carrying a large chopper and chooped the child’s hand with it. It supposed to chop the hand with only one strike, but the hand was not fully chopped. While the man with the chopper tried to finish the job, the holder took the chopped hand and twisted the hand until it was detached from the child’s arm. The boy was severely bleeding and screaming until he passed out. Another ISIL member rushed to stop the bleeding, and the butcher said “Now Allah has cleared you of the sin you’ve committed, may this will pardon you in front of God at the day of judgment. May God forgive your sin, and you, who witnessed, shall you all learn from this”!

At the Eastern bank of Mosul, and the areas close to the battlefields, ISIL is confiscating houses and turn them into military barracks, and place their car bombs on the streets among occupied houses. People live an unfathomable fear for their lives.

I write to you feeling nothing, neither love, nor hate, nor fear, nor horror, nor safety, nor contentment, nor peace nor war. I feel nothing at all. I wish I can cry, may be that will help lifting off some , but I have lose all meaning, even for crying. All I can think of is the faces of the crucified men. I want to read their faces for a thousand times. I know there are millions of messages they left in their faces, or the blood the young boy have bled off of his hand. All of those drops is not enough to get the world to listen to us and believe what we ate going through.

Our fears are getting bigger everyday, and I still call for the international trusteeship for Mosul, and to grand Mosul a temporary transitioning period to administer its affairs and rebuild its relationship with Baghdad. This demand is a Mosuli demand, and we hope that the nations will meet our demand for the trusteeship.

We do not want to die, is this too much to ask for? We deserve to live, we deserve a second chance, not once but many chances to live. We want to rebuild our schools, we want to build a great museum in the city. We want to give ourselves another chance in life, to live in peace .. is this too much to ask for?

Do not forget Mosul

The founder of Mosul Eye

17 thoughts on “Trump, ISIL, and its Escalating Brutality

  1. The ‘Mosuli demand’ is a justified one and is being addressed to. It shall be. It shall be like the picture of the little candle, but the opposite: The darkness will become the blazing Light, the Breath of Life blowing the dark flame away from each life, from Nineveh. The Truth is Life. Hang on to it.

  2. I think these things you describe of feeling nothing at all and these poor young men speaking now that the ability has been taken from them is a form of human shock. But you probably already know this. I wish I could magically transport all of you to this place of safety so you can rest and regain your strength for the rebuilding process ahead when all this hell is over. It cannot last forever. Take care.

  3. Read your blog with much interest. The solution lies essentially with Muslims themselves..Yes, Isis must go, but Muslims everywhere must decide to live in peace with everyone.

    A Catholic brother.

  4. No person deserves to live a life like this. My heart is in pain as I read it. I cannot imagine the thinks you see. I don’t want to imagine. Sending hope from Lithuania.

  5. Today I read a report that ISIL had executed 40 Iraqis on Tuesday and slaughtered another 20 people on Wednesday accusing them all of treason and collaboration with the ISF! One young man in his twenties was reportedly killed for using his mobile phone. I had to think of you and was worried if you might be one of these victims so when I checked this blog I was really relieved to see your latest update. I wish I could make you feel a bit better somehow or encourage you but it seems that you and all your fellow Mosulis are truly each on their own.
    As for Trump there’s still over 2 months till his inauguration and then I doubt he will just immediately change the whole tactical plan of the US military as it was planed under Obama, rather I see him let the military continue according to their strategy and then during 2017 he might gradually try to bring some change depending on the actual situation. But frankly I wouldn’t expect some major change from the politics of the Obama administration when it comes to Syria and Iraq.

    You repeatedly expressed some real concern that the ISF and all the other fractions who fight alongside them might treat the residents of Mosul like collaborators after they’ve defeated ISIL. I read another report today, a Reuters article about the special forces push into Qadisiya al-Thaniya district and fleeing civilians on the streets of Kokjali, where it stated “Numani said the army had told civilians to stay indoors for their safety, adding that the counter terrorism unit aimed to hand over neighborhoods which it had secured to other forces. In other cities retaken from Islamic State, local police forces have moved in after the special forces have cleared territory.” I haven’t come across any recent article about liberating troops who mistreat locals but then again what do I know, reliable information is scarce and I question basically every report I read, esp. infos from the frontlines must be taken with a grain of salt.

    Please be very careful, safety comes first although I’m looking forward to your updates. I wish you all the best, take care!


  6. I wrote a long reply here yesterday. Never went through. I think some technical problems from the website.

    I was saying I understand that you are freeze. I freeze just by reading it.

    I mourn.

    I want to give you hope. I know, that I know nothing about Mosul. Only the international press and what you write.

    Yesterday I listend to this song. They played the song twice on the radio in 1974 in Portugal and that was the sign for the communist to march against the faschist dictator. But also the people joint the streets and they put flowers in the guns of the army. And the revolution took only 18 hours and sadly 4 lifes, but after that it was freedom and the end of the dictatorship.

    I cry when I hear it. And it gives me hope.
    I dont want to compare it to Mosul. I just want to give you hope,_Vila_Morena

    Grândola, swarthy town*
    Land of fraternity
    It is the people who lead
    Inside of you, oh city

    Inside of you, oh city
    It is the people who lead
    Land of fraternity
    Grândola, swarthy town

    On each corner, a friend
    In each face, equality
    Grândola, swarthy town
    Land of fraternity

    Land of fraternity
    Grândola, swarthy town
    In each face, equality
    It is the people who lead

    In the shadow of a holm oak
    Which no longer knew its age
    I swore as my companion,
    Grândola, your will

    Grândola, your will
    I swore as my companion
    In the shadow of a holm oak
    Which no longer knew its age

    Take care. Stay save. You are not alone.

  7. So You said:I was asked by many people of my city

    If this your city could let the readers what this tribal sheik Sfouq telling true of false?

    Let see the honest answer.

    الشيخ صفوك الطائي: بايعت داعش بعلم مسبق من بغداد وأربيل
    رووداو: هل كان مسلحي داعش في الموصل من العراقيين؟

    الطائي: نعم كانوا عراقيين، أول والي للموصل كان يدعى رضوان الحمدوني لكنه قتل، وبعد ذلك عين شخص جبوري من اهالي القيارة في المنصب، لكنه اقيل وعين شاكر الحمداني خلفاً له، ثم غير بعد فترة واختير ابو أحمد الحيالي ولا يزال والياً للموصل، لقد كان التنظيم يغير الوالي بمجرد ارتكابه اي خطأ ويحوله الى مسلح عادي.. وكان قرار تعيين أو ازاحة اي والي بيد أبو بكر البغدادي بشكل مباشر.صفوك

  8. Sorry, but you can´t tell me you´ve sympathy with the young boy who´s hand was cutt off. You live under the Sharia as you are a Muslim. You accept this as your (religious) law. – Voluntarily! … I think you are NOT honest!

  9. 12 days since your last post. Believe it or not, every morning I wonder where you are and how you are and I tell my friends about it. You are not forgotten!
    Eventhough it makes me feel so helpless and desperate at the same time. How shall life ever get back to usual again after all of this!?

  10. You must rise up Mosul and fight for your city against Daesh! They are targeting citizens and Iraqi military officials had asked residents to rise up against them.

    From NY Times:
    “… and casualties, has prompted some military officials to second-guess their initial strategy, which asked residents to stay in their homes and rise up against the Islamic State. There has been no uprising, and civilians are dying at home, all of which is fueling concern that the campaign could become a quagmire.

    …Another problem is that the pre-battle intelligence the Iraqis relied on was wrong. Iraqi intelligence officers had predicted that once security forces reached Mosul, civilians, including tribal fighters who had been feeding information about the Islamic State from inside, would rise up, and that the city would fall quickly.”

    Mass evacuation may need to be attempted due to civilian casualties intentionally inflicted by Daesh and civilians not fighting for Mosul once the Iraqi forces arrived in the city. The fight has come to a crawl as a result. Rise Mosul! Tribal fighters, rise up for your neighbors and city! When security forces tried to evacuate some families, they refused, saying they didn’t want to live in a tent. This is not from US military, this was said by an Iraqi military official.
    Children are dying! Your neighbors are dying! Rise up!


  11. I check every day but no words. The writers of Mosul Eye Facebook since your last blog do not write with your particular tone and use of language. I hope very much that you are alive and ok. Take care and best wishes. Sedijka.

    • I do the same thing and hope very much that you are alive! This world needs people like you!!! The bravery with which you hold up the flag of hope and confidence in the middle of hatred and terror is exceptional. I want you to know that your words already move like a wave across all borders and will carry on whatever happens. You inspire people and they’ll inspire others in just the same spirit.
      Lots of love to all of you from germany…

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