“Let it there be a Book, Rising from the Ashes”


Mosul Eye launched its book donation campaign to revive Mosul’s libraries ..

All Books are Welcomed

All Disciplines of Knowledge are Welcomed

All Languages are Welcomed.

Should you make a donation, Kindly register your donations with US at the link below:


Campaign – Book and Literature Donations to the libraries of Mosul


One thought on ““Let it there be a Book, Rising from the Ashes”

  1. Mosuleye,

    I respectfully request that you keep making new blog posts. Recently they have become fewer and more irregular. I understand you are a busy man with many stresses in your life, but I greatly appreciate your writing and insight on the conflict against ISIL from a Moslawi perspective. If you have contact with friends or family still in Western Mosul, I suggest you post news and reports here in order to document ISIL crimes against humanity for the historical record. Even when ISIS is defeated we must remember their atrocities, and you may not realize it but this very blog has become a resource of great importance to scholars of military & Middle Eastern history.

    Best wishes – Your American Friend

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