COVID19 Updates from Mosul: Is A Disaster On Its Way?

I just spoke to the head of #COVID19 crisis cell in Mosul, he said the situation is out of control, suspecting more than 2000 cases in Mosul. No testing devices and the government has no control over the city’s boarders. No enough buildings to quarantine people.

The already damaged hospitals are full of Corona cases, he also indicated that if they reveal the real numbers there will be chaos in the city. He said out of 200 suspected cases they found 20 case. They are all in the same place which will end up infected the rest of them.

The government is putting a huge pressure to take over the university housing (which is no way ready for such a situation). There are enough spaces around Mosul but they are under the control of PMU and they refuse to give it to the government.

If the government managed to take control of the university housing it will lead to a disaster, because they are located within the neighbourhoods.

Baghdad sends less than 40 testing devices to Mosul. He said “If I do more testing the number will jump to thousands.

“Hundreds of people returned from Turkey and they are all suspected cases,” He said. There are only 20 ventilators in Mosul, 5 of them are out of work.

He also said that they have sent a request to @UNHCRIraq to use the empty IDP camps for quarantine but the requested was rejected. They asked Baghdad for more support the answer was “no enough money”.

The city is calling for immediate support to control the crisis of #COVID19 this is a call to @europeaid@MoFAICUAE and @USAID to help Mosul in this horrible crisis.

In Summary: – There Aren’t Enough Ventilators to Cope With the Coronavirus. – There Aren’t Enough Testing devices. – No enough space to quarantine people. – Local gov. is unable to control the city’s borders.


  1. If no help is coming, the people of Mosul must try to protect themselves by making and wearing masks and understanding how the virus spreads. The virus does not survive outside but inside it stays in the air for longer. Try not to touch your eyes and mouth with your hands. Wash hands regularly with soap. Sneeze or cough into your arms not your hands to avoid spreading the virus. Limit contact with people as much as possible. Educate children. Older people are more vulnerable so help them to stay isolated if you can. Distribute flyers to explain how to self protect. Your city has been through so much and now it faces another struggle. Always in my thoughts.

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