Mosul Eye House Needs Your Support

Donate Here 

After years of conflict, Mosul Eye has finally become an establishment in Old Mosul, opening a house of culture, documentation and recovery. An association that is completely independent and relies on your generous donations. We have also successfully finished the Green Mosul Project, and we are now preparing for the largest Oral History Documentation in Mosul. And our most important project Reviving The Jewish Memory of Mosul, which is the first of its kind to bring back the Jewish Memory of Mosul to life. 

I’m hoping you’ll consider supporting the good work Mosul Eye Association does by donating or sharing with others who’d like to help. Donate Here “Don’t give up on Mosul and our people. We will not always be just a stronghold of ISIS. I want to change the headlines of my city.”
Your donations will help us maintain Mosul Eye House active and independent to document and protect the history of people and to help make Mosul active again.  

Omar Mohammed CEO, Mosul Eye

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