1:00 pm 18/6/2014 Mosul:

I have double checked the information about the air strike that happened around 3:10 am and it was not at Al-Kindy, but at Project 1101 in Al-Kisk neighborhood. Hearing its noise inside Mosul reflects the air strike’s intensity. The news of controlling Beji Oil Refinery is the talk of the people in the streets of Mosul.


2:30pm 17/6/2014 Mosul : fabrications and false news

What I have witnessed today is very difficult to express in writing. There are lots of fabrications and false news that have been spread by media; however, they are contradicted by the reality on ground. My job as a historian requires unbiased approach which I am going to adhere to and keep my personal opinion to myself. I will only communicate the facts I see.