The Latest Developments in Mosul

The Latest Developments in Mosul:

– A group carry out a quick operation against ISIL at Hai Albarid on the Eastern bank of Mosul, targeting a vehicle belongs to Alhisba with grenades killing two ISIL members.
– ISIL is selling its vehicle at the Grand Auto market and buys new vehicles fearing that their vehicles are monitored. This comes after the coalition targeting more than 18 ISIL vehicles belong to leaders and fighters of ISIL in the past couple of weeks
– Another group carried out another operation with grenades at Bab Altub against a group of ISIL troopers, killing 3 members.
– The coalition fighterjets carry out 14 air strikes on various vital ISIL sites and vehicles belong to ISIL Alamniyya (ISIL’s Security and Intelligence) leaders in various locations in Mosul. 23 were killed during those air strikes and 8 were injured.
– The coalition fighter jets focuses on targeting ISIL’s individuals and vehicles in Mosul lately, where the fighter jets are striking any moving targets “Individuals and vehicles”. Over 32 ISIL members were killed as a result during the last few weeks, especially on the outbound routes of Mosul.


hai Albarid

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  1. I ,d like to visit Mousel one day when the ISIS terrorist have been kicked out! I lived in Mousel camp for Prisoners of war for more than 8 years

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