Finally – Mosul Liberation Ops

Finally, the day to liberate Mosul is here.
I have been waiting and working for this day to come, and it finally has arrived.
I will keep the world posted, as I have been doing since day one of this ordeal
I will be giving you all the daily summary of the operations

Here is a summary of the first 24 hours of the Mosul Liberation Ops – 17 of October 2016:

1- At 2:30 AM Baghdad time, PM Abadi announces the launch of Mosul Liberation Ops

2- Within less than half an hour, a major landing of the Iraqi forces in Ba`shiqa and total control of the Iraqi forces over it. No presence of ISIL in Ba`shiqa so far.

3- ISF and the coalition forces declare using the “Shock and Awa” tactic in Mosul.

4- The largest gathering of ISIL fighters is at Ablij village in Ba`aj and near Alghizlani military camp in Mosul

5- ISIL evacuates the university of Mosul entirely, and a very weak presence of ISIL was registered on the Eastern bank, and heavy presence of them was registered on the Western bank of Mosul.

6- At this point, no major displacement of Mosul’s residents has been reported; people so far are following the orders NOT to leave their homes. People also close their communication channels as the dombardment of the city intensifies.

7- In less than an hour, ISF announces total liberation of Ba`shiqa.

8- ISF and Coalition forces continue their heavy bombardment of Mosul and the surrounding areas

9- Six hours after the start of the operations, ISF are closing on Hamdaniya, 35 kilometers southeast of Mosul

10- ISF entering Bartella and its surrounding villages

11- A long caravan of ISIL fighters is fleeing Mosul through Wadi Eqab towards Ba`aj

12- ISIL is evacuating its headquarters in Gogjali and Karam and leaves car bombs behind.

13- The residents of Mosul still under voluntary curfew throughout the city and a significant decrease of ISIL presence in the city.

14- A canadian and Czech medical battalions are in the move with the military and preparing to establish medical field and urgent care centers

15- The French artillery and special task battalion carry out tactical ops against ISIL in Mosul. Information about kidnapping of wanted leaders of ISIL in Mosul

16- ISIL is holding doctors hostages in Aljamhouri hospital and threatening to execute them if they leave the hospital.

17- At this point, the villages and areas liberated are:
Shaquli, Basakhra, Bas Kirdan, Tarjala, Sheikh Amir, Badanah and Badana Al-Ulya, Karbali, and Kharaba Sultan

18- ISIL shifts all its security apparatus and turn its members to its military forces. Most of its fighters are “teenagers”

19- ISIL sends more than 20 suicide bombers to the front lines.

20- So far, it is quite in Mosul. No presence of ISIL, and total disappearance of ISIL in some of the neighborhoods on the Eastern bank. Several car accidents of ISIL vehicles were reported. People are very quite, and the city is in total silence.

21- ISF is liberating Nimrod and continue to advance towards Mosul

22- Turkey declares that it will not participate in Mosul Liberation ops, and sends an official diplomatic delegation to Baghdad to discuss the formalities of its withdraw from Ba`shiqa

23- The list of ISIL leadership that remains in Mosul until today will be translated and posted shortly

24- The Iraqi aviation drops over 17 million leaflets over 16 districts in the province of Nainawa, Hawija in Kirkuk, Alqa`im, Rawa and Ana in Anbar province in the largest leaflet drop ops in the history of the Iraqi military in the preparation to free those areas of ISIL.



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