Cycling against the Islamic state

​Biking Vs. Islamic State 

This is how we challenge the caliphate and its preachers!

When the Islamic State came and invaded our Mosul, they brought all the destruction with them, and they said “we came to you with the death and slaughter”

But, see what we brought to you?

The Bicycles to challenge the caliphate

I challenged ISIL once by listening to violinist Itzhak Perlman at the heart of Mosul, and that was a great hit to them, but now, another challenge of a different kind … A friend of mine, went to Mosul today and rude a bicycle challenging the caliph, the caliphate and the Islamic State.

My friend Jumana Mumtaz , went to Mosul, wearing her jeans, riding a bicycle, in a statement to declare to the caliphate that “we will not allow Mosul to become the land of the caliphate, we will play music, sing, and celebrate in Mosul, and will not allow you to kill our dreams”

Thank you Jumana

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